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Empowerment Seminars

These seminars will be geared towards building the self-esteem, self-awareness and self-sufficiency of our youth. Some of the seminar topics include; knowing your body, public speaking, etiquette, savings and the importance of savings, college preparation. These seminars will be led by various community leaders who are experienced and trained in each respective area.  Some of these seminars consist of: 

Choices and Circumstances- this seminar will be held at Caddo Correctional Center (CCC) by Sgt. Lifford Jackson. In this seminar youth will be taken on a tour of the facility and be exposed to life behind bars; shown where they could end up if they make bad choices. After the tour, Sgt. Jackson will have an inmate of his choosing come and give a testimony about their current circumstances, their background and the choices that caused them to be in the situation they are in. 

Savings and the importance of savings- this seminar will expose youth to reasons it’s so important to save; why isn't so important to save. It will give them information on how to save and the best way to save. This seminar will be lead by Tracy Holland, a Chase financial banker, who will advise the youth to start saving early. 

Living beyond your circumstances- this seminar facilitated by Dr. Lalita Rogers, will be a discussion lead seminar geared towards helping our youth to realize that there is more to them and their life outside of their neighborhood, Shreveport-Bossier or even Louisiana.   

Health awareness- this seminar will be geared towards youth being informed to the importance of physical fitness and eating healthy. They will be taken through an exercise regiment and given tips on ways to stay physically fit. The youth will also learn about healthy eating habits. 

Completing a research paper- the youth will receive techniques and key tips on the correct way to compete a research paper. 

College preparation- James E. Alford Jr. will inform the youth on how to properly complete a college application, talk about potential scholarships, discuss various universities, etc. 

Customer Service Skills- this seminar will make the youth aware of various customer service skills and techniques; what is expected when servicing the public and the impact a guest experience could potentially make in their success.


Our prom dress give away is geared towards our high school junior and senior girls who may not be able to afford the prom experience. Dress donations, new or like new, will be taken from willing individuals and distributed to those young ladies in need. 


Exposure, we believe, increases awareness and therefore presents more opportunities for our youth. Our goal is to broaden our youth's minds through activities and trips that will allow them to explore new and potentially life-changing experiences. For example, tea time, golf, dance (modern, jazz, ballet, tap, etc.), tennis, swimming, the opera, the symphony, musical instruments. Our goal is to be able to take high school junior and seniors on a college tour and take the youth on an annual trip outside of Louisiana and expose them to different cultures and environments.

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